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Couple Safely Back In United States

By Melvin Mason, Daily News-Record Kenneth and Kathryn Seitz are in much more peaceful surroundings than they were a week ago. But their minds are still on the people and the country they hoped to make a better place. Now, they keep tabs on the Middle East, praying for the battles in Lebanon and Israel to end. Somehow. On A Mission Only a fe ...More

Family of Ex-Profs Waits In Hopeful Mood

By Leah Nylen, Daily News-Record Ken and Kathryn Seitz were expected to be aboard a ship bound for Cyprus this morning. Back home, the Seitz family remained upbeat about the couple who have been on a humanitarian mission to Lebano ...More

Ex-EMU Profs Wait To Get Out

by Brad Jenkins, Daily News-Record Humanitarians with ties to Harrisonburg are among the thousands of Americans being evacuated from Lebanon as Israel and the militant Islamic group Hezbollah trade attacks in the region. It is still unclear when the U.S. military will evacuate Ken and Kathryn Seitz, a husband-and-wife team stationed in Lebanon with ...More