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Symbol of Suffering and Death Offers New Life

I can feel it in the air, in my face, in my creaky bones. It’s still cool, even wintry-like at times, but change is happening – slowly, quietly, surely. Around our house, daffodils and tulips force their way through the crusty mulch, testing conditions, deciding whether to thrust forth with confidence or retreat to whence they came. Fat robins cavort in our yard ...More

Veteran Peaceworker to Speak at EMU

Peggy Gish, speaking during a peace vigil. The Common Grounds Coffeehouse at Eastern Mennonite University will host Peggy Gish, an Athen ...More

Silent Vigil Remembers War Losses

A thousand grave markers on the lawn in front of the EMU Campus Center bear silent testimony to the loss of human life in the Iraq conflict. Photo by Jim Bishop Under th ...More

On Abu Ghraib and war itself: See through relativism of abuse

By Earl Martin and Pat Hostetter Martin As religious pacifists, we have grieved deeply – with the rest of the world – over the images of dehumanization that have emerged from the Abu Ghraib prison. We want to avert our eyes from those images and tell ourselves that these horrendous abuses did not really happen. But they did happen. And, anguished as we are, we mu ...More

Waco and Iraq – Parallels in Bloodshed

By Michael Hudson, The Roanoke Times Jayne Docherty, associate professor of conflict studie ...More

Iraqi Group Extends ‘Thanks’ to EMU

A group from the Summer Peacebuilding Institute that includes several Iraqi citizens plants a Southern magnolia in front of the Hillside Suites residen ...More

Benefit Concert with Carol Ann Weaver and Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell (l.) and Carol Ann Weaver Two Canadian musicians will present a benefit concert for the Conflict Transformation Prog ...More

Sleeping in Tents, Raising Awareness

“It ...More