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WCSC spring

Summer interns settle in at Washington Community Scholar’s Center

Teresa Garcia-Bautista has a long list of summer goals while living at the Washington Community Scholar’s Center and working in Washington D.C. this summer. The first two are “meet the marginalized” and “make a difference,” which she does each weekday at Catholic Charities, helping to process ref ...More

Students, Faculty Work Together on Cutting-Edge Research

For most majors, EMU offers smaller classes that provide much opportunity for close student-faculty interaction and mentoring. In addition, many majors include opportunities for internships, where students apply classroom learning to “real world” settings. Beyond this, a number of students majoring in the sciences, particularly biology or ...More

Seminary Students Dig into Ministry

Read more… ...More

New Business Arrangement Seeks Closer Student Ties

Allon Lefever, MBA director at EMU, and Howard Good, a MEDA vice president, sign a formal agreement aimed a ...More