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First Flash Seminar of Semester: Chilean Coup d’Etat

This article was published in the EMU WeatherVane, a student newspaper. Carol Snell-Feikema, EMU professor, led the year’s first Flash Seminar last Thursday, Sept. 18. The seminar focused on the Chilean coup d’etat that occurred on Sept. 11, 1973 and the resulting years of tyranny and injustice under ...More

Twelfth Summer Peacebuilding Institute Opens at EMU

Participants declare in unity, "We are Peacebuilders!" at the opening session of the Summer Peacebuilding Institute. (The primary people on the photo are: front row, Jackie Sakho ...More

Campus Responds to Death of Peace Worker Tom Fox

News of the death of Tom Fox, 54, a Christian Peacemaking Team worker held hostage in Iraq, has been an especially difficult blow for those who knew him at Eastern Mennonite University. U.S. forces in Iraq recovered the body of kidnapped Christian Peacemaker Teams activist Tom Fox, CPT confirmed on Mar. 10. ...More