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Ervin Stutzman

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Congregational leaders flock to seminary program on how to do “discernment” in the face of difficult issues

Hundreds of people filled to capacity the 2014 School for Leadership Training at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, interested in exploring “discernment processes” to address difficult issues in congregations, conferences and denominations. “Discernment together begins with love for one another and i ...More


Worship in acknowledgment of the “elephant in the room”

Participants in the 2014 School for Leadership Training at Eastern Mennonite Seminary did not tiptoe for three days around the “elephant in the room” – that is, the anguish felt by many over congregational disagreements in regard to same-sex relationships. On the contrary, a highlight of the three days appeared to be a worship service ...More


School for Leadership Training to focus on navigating touchy issues via discernment

Immigration, racism, sexuality, biblical authority, and politics are just a few of the issues that threaten to tear churches apart. How do churches and leaders find their way through these difficult issues? School for Leadership Training 2014 at Eastern Mennonite Seminary will focus on the theory and practice of discernment at all levels, fr ...More

Seminarians Encouraged to ‘Live God’s Purpose’

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Seminary Dean’s Book More Than a Story

Ervin Stutzman, author of ‘Emma: A Widow Among the Amish,’suspects that his highly principled mom might blush about his latest book, which tells the true story of his widowed mother who raised six children, including one with a disability. Read more… ...More

Seminary Grads Receive ‘Divine’ Education

By Heather Bowser, Daily News-Record Basil Marin has a divine education ...More

Young Adults Explore God

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Video Teleconferencing Equipment and Artwork Dedicated

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Spiritual Life Week at EMS

Each year, at the very time when most seminary students are just getting a handle on things, they are given the opportunity to pause, stand back and assess their own spiritual needs during ‘Spiritual Life Week.’ Read more… ...More

EMU Students Hearing God’s Call

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