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New peacebuilding, development and sustainability majors begin in fall 2010

EMU now offers two new majors that uniquely combine concern for the earth and God’s people with practical skill training. “Peacebuilding and development” and “environmental sustainability” will offer students hands-on opportunities to prepare to be agents of change in their local communities and around the world, motivated by their commitment to Christ. ...More

Marketer Turned Conservationist to Speak at Science Seminar

Joe Johnston The speaker for the first Suter Science Seminar of the second (spring) semester will respond to some of the very environmental problems he once helped create. Joe Johnston of Nashville, Tenn., who led the group that invent ...More

Luke Gascho: A Christian Response to Climate Change

Are Christians to blame for ecological crisis and climate change? Luke A. Gascho, executive director of the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen (IN) College, will reflect on that question in a presentation 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the Suter Science Cente ...More