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SLi fundraiser

Undocumented Latino youth receive scholarly support, plus EMU’s helping hand

Three high school students brought from Mexico as children are looking forward to being successful college students, thanks to the local branch of Scholars’ Latino Initiative program (SLI), with which EMU partners. “We’re all DREAMers,” explains one we’ll call “Dulce,” a high school junior brought to the United States at age ...More


Outstanding Young Alum: Castillo Campaigns for Immigration Reform

Still in her 20s, Isabel Castillo ’07 is already a nationally recognized leader of the immigration-law reform movement in the United States. She was the commencement speaker at the University of San Francisco, was called one of “the 21 brave thinkers of 2011” by Atlantic magazine, and wa ...More


Castillo Sees Movement Toward Easing Immigrants’ Plight

After a June 2012 announcement by President Obama to grant “deferred action” to undocumented youth, Isabel Castillo ‘07 applied for authorization to work and live legally in the United States for the first time in her life. She also began assisting many others with similar applications. Nevertheless, Castillo, a national leader in advocating for immigration-law reform, says “defe ...More


Castillo Spotlighted in The Atlantic Magazine

Isabel Castillo, who holds a ’07 degree in social work from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), is recognized in the November issue of The Atlantic as one of the “21 brave thinkers of 2011.” Castillo’s life was summarized in magazine by Jose Antonio Vargas, a former Washington Post reporter who identified himself as an undocumented immigrant to the United States, ...More

2007 EMU graduate Isabel Castillo, activist for the DREAM Act

National Spotlight on EMU Grad Isabel Castillo

Isabel Castillo ’07 has become a nationally recognized spokesperson for the plight of undocumented young people in the United States. Castillo was featured in a Feb. 20, 2011, New York Times article, “Dream Act Advocate Turns Failure into Hope.” This publicity led Jesuit-run U ...More

EMU Alum Isabel Castillo: Giving the DREAM a Push

A local immigrant rights activist and 2007 EMU alum returned to Harrisonburg late Wednesday following a trip to D.C., where she was arrested during a demonstration on Capitol Hill. Read more… ...More

Dream Act Gives Students Green Card

Read more… ...More