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Students ponder faith, justice, lifestyle and policy in the Middle East

written by Andrew Jenner ’04 photographs by jon styer ’07 Spirits were high as the 30 EMU students on the 2012 Middle East cross-cultural marched merrily into the Judean desert. Guides had assured them of a short and easy stroll from the Mar Saba monastery to a Bedouin encampment, where a feast supposedly awaited. Spirits remained improbably high as th ...More


Six take-aways from Middle East sojourns

  After conducting interviews with current students in the Middle East in February 2012, reporter Andrew Jenner ’04 contacted alumni from earlier EMU-sponsored trips to the region. In comparing the responses of current and former students, Jenner found that the “lessons” assimilated during this cross-cultural do deeply influence them, likely for rest of their li ...More


From aspiring medical student to popularizing international hiking routes

David Landis ’04 grew up hearing stories about the Middle East. His dad, Steve Landis ’77, had gone on EMU’s very first cross-cultural to the region in 1975, and from the time David arrived on campus as a student himself, he knew he wanted to go too. The wish came true in the fall of 2002, when Landis and 29 other students left for a semest ...More

Landis Blazes the Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail – a new 40-mile hiking trail that follows the routes Jesus would have walked in Galilee – along with its friendly American guide, David Landis ’04, have been the subject of reporting all over the world. They have been on ABC News, in the Washington Post, the Jerusalem Post, the Guardian in London. Distributed through the Post and Associate ...More

Seminary Course Gives Context for Service Workers in Israel

Read more… ...More