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Numbers and Spirits Rise for 15th Peacebuilding Institute

Enrollment numbers have climbed back for EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute, which brought most of the 112 learners enrolled from 37 nations together for a jubilant May 10 opening. That morning, as a conga line danced, singing, into the crowded Martin chapel on the Harrisonburg, Va., campus, volcanic ash storm-related travel delays kept one participant behin ...More

Women attending SPI help heal their communities in Africa

Hunger. Child soldiers. Orphaned children raising siblings. Such tragedies might readily connote despair – but not to three African women who studied this year at EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute. ...More

EMU Offering ‘Leadership’ Seminars in New Year

The seminars run from January 25 to April 25. Learn more… EMU is offering a series of seven seminars designed to help persons sharpen their leadership and conflict management skills. EMU̵ ...More

EMU Hosts Concern Group for Military Vets

Carolyn Yoder (l.), STAR director, facilitates a small group discussion at the military veterans roundtable. Photo by Jim Bishop Ten adults were given clay, blocks and pipe-cleaners. During a M ...More

Widow of Nairobi Bombing Helps Others Heal

Doreen Ruto from Nairobi, Kenya, now a student in EMU’s Conflict Transformation Program, tells her story at a Summer Peacebuilding Institute luncheon meeting. Ph ...More