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A highlight on Calvin Shenk

Calvin Shenk ’59 does not have to face the existential question of whether he would be willing to die in a nonviolent act to save the life of another person. He would. The test came in 1985. Shenk and his wife Marie were leading an EMU group that was staying temporarily in a Palestinian community in the Middle East. Shenk heard an argument outside his apartme ...More

cc overview

EMU leads the way in requiring cross-cultural study

Cross-cultural study. It began as a professor’s dream for undergraduates 30 years ago and has become one of the best parts about being an EMU alumnus. “It seems pretty odd to me to think that you could prepare someone to serve and lead in a global context without having some kind of international or other cross-cultural experience,” says Pres ...More

Former EMU Staff Member Marie Leaman Shenk Passes Away

Marie H. Leaman Shenk A former administrative faculty member at EMU died Sept. 7 at her home in Park Gables of the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community after a long bout with cancer. Marie H. Leaman Shenk, 72, served as administrative assistant to the aca ...More