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Canadian Mennonite University joins as the fourth partner in the Collaborative MBA program

Strengthening a curricular emphasis on global and intercultural connectivity, a fourth partner from Canada has joined Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), Bluffton University and Goshen College in the Collaborative Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, will accept graduate students i ...More


Unique Collaborative MBA program launched from platform of three Mennonite institutions

Business and organizational personnel who want to develop their leadership skills, enhance productivity, and increase profits while contributing to the “common good” now have the chance to enroll in an MBA program that is like no other. Three institutions affiliated with the Mennonite Education Agency ...More


The Cost of, and Returns on, a Mennonite Higher Education

The first two sentences, set in large font, on the financial aid page of Hesston (Kan.) College’s website cut right to the chase: “Let’s be clear, college is expensive. There’s really no way to dance around it.” Concern over college affordability in the United States is nothing new. The inflation-adjusted average annual cost of tuition, room and board ...More


Mennonite Colleges Collaborate for IEP Students

Mennonite Education Agency (MEA) announced a new three-year agreement among all five colleges/universities of Mennonite Church USA that will facilitate the success of undergraduate international students. Bethel (Kan.) College, ...More

Menno Soccer Classic Features EMU, Bluffton And Goshen

The soccer stars of EMU, Bluffton and Goshen are gearing up for a massive double tri-match Friday through Sunday, Sept. 10-12. The games, dubbed the Menno Soccer Classic, will be hosted by Christopher Dock Mennonite High School in Lansdale, Pa. Read more… ...More

Snyder Returning to EMU as Interim Provost

Lee F. Snyder, EMU interim provost (Photo by Barbara Schwartz) A former vice president and academic dean at EMU will return to serve as interim provost for the 2008-09 school year. EMU President Loren Swartzendruber announced that Dr. Lee F. Snyder will begin ser ...More

Day of Memories and Baseball

By Beth L. Jokinen, Lima (Ohio) News The Bluffton team hangs their heads in prayer Sunday before the game against EMU in Sarasota, Fla. (Photo courtesy of Lima [Ohio] News) It was a day ...More

EMU Wins Two For Bluffton

by Heather Bowser, Daily News-Record In the truest sense, Eastern Mennonite University and its Ohio-based sister school, Bluffton University, are like family. Folks at these two Mennonite-af ...More

Three strikes, but not out…

function embedAudio ( block, source ) { if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“MSIE”) != -1 ) mimetype = “audio/mp3”; else mimetype = “audio/mpeg”; document.getElementById( block ).innerHTML = “\ \ \ \ \ \ Trouble playing the file? Click here. \ \ “; } Hear Jim Bishop r ...More

EMU Responds to Bluffton Tragedy

The EMU community is reeling with the news of a bus accident involving sister school Bluffton (Ohio) University’s baseball team, resulting in the deaths of six persons and serious injuries of many more. Read more… ...More