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‘Search for Common Ground’ to Honor Catalysts for Healing the Legacy of US Slavery

David Works, Shay Banks-Young and Julia Jefferson Westerinen are joining past award winners Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu and Muhammad Ali in receiving the 2010 Common Ground Award. For over a decade Search for Common Grounds (SFCG) has been conferring this award to honor achievements in conflict resolution, negotiation, community building, and Peacebuilding. Works, Banks-Young a ...More

CNN Coverage of ‘Coming to the Table’ Nets International Attention

CNN’s May 20, 2010 coverage of the EMU/CJP project Coming to the Table has drawn national attention to a groundbreaking program centered around peacebuilding, reconciliation, and the legacy of slavery. The CNN feature highlights the budding connection between family members Betty and Phoebe Kilby. ...More

From CNN: When Kin of Slaves and Owner Meet

Betty (left) and Phoebe Kilby, descendants of slaves and slave owners, connected in 2007 and are part of Coming to the Table, an EMU/CJP program devoted to healing the wounds of slavery and its aftermath. ...More

JFP Person of the Day: Amy Czajkowski

Amy Czajkowski, program director of Coming To the Table Amy Czajkowski‘s experiences as a facilitator in peacebuilding goes beyond countries devastated by war. As ...More

Forum Held on Race Relations Meeting at the Table

When David Works traced his family roots back to Thomas Jefferson, he learned that some of his relatives were descendants of slaves. Works, who is white, learned that he has black cousins, and he wanted to meet them. That sent him and his family on a years-long journey of mending race relations. ...More

Colorado man chooses forgiveness

EMU Seminar Helped Works Rebuild Life By Tom Mitchell, Daily News-Record David Works speaks in university chapel Friday, Sept. 18, on his decision not to pursue revenge for his daughters’ murders but to work toward re ...More

Coming to the Table: Kin of slaves, slave owners gather for conference

By Calvin R Trice Times-Dispatch Staff Writer Monday, January 30, 2006 Joe Hairston, who links his ancestry to a slave on a North Carolina plantation, attends a candlelight service at Long’s Chapel. HARRISONBURG Joe Hairston spent his weekend mingling with descendants of the family that enslaved his ancestors. He came away feeling more hopeful about race rela ...More