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Insurance and the Mennonite church

A century or more ago, “insurance” was something of a bad word for Mennonites. Buying an insurance policy implied value on worldly treasure and represented departure from the traditional practice of “mutual aid,” by which the church used its pooled resources to rebuild and restore losses suffered by individual members through accident or other misfortune. Attitudes and circumstan ...More


A day in the life of Jim Rittenhouse

The figuring begins in the sheepfold, where Jim Rittenhouse ’84 feeds his flock of Hampshire sheep each morning. There are 48 of them at the moment, including the lambs that began arriving in February; by early March, 17 of his 22 ewes, or 77 percent of them, had lambed – a proportion directly in line with his flock management goals. Ideally, these lambs will gain on ...More


Accounting alum finds fulfillment in a variety of endeavors

In May of 1988, almost exactly a decade after Wes Park had graduated from EMU, he and his wife Bonnie took a trip from their home on Florida’s west coast back to the Shenandoah Valley, in search of a house to use for a bed and breakfast. They loved the Valley, but struck out on the property search, and headed back for home empty-handed. On the way, they spent a ...More


In public finance grads strive for spirit of the law

Jill Goyette Head ’02 stumbled into public finance as an intern in the city office in Hiram, Georgia, fulfilling a requirement for a master’s in public administration degree from Kennesaw State University. It was 2006, and the City of Hiram, a bedroom community west of Atlanta, was in a desperate position. After the death of a long-serving mayor and the departure of severa ...More


Three alumni discover the satisfaction of being actuaries

One of the most desirable jobs in the United States – being an actuary – has attracted exactly three graduates from EMU, as far as we know. (You’re another one? Let us know at Crossroads@emu.edu.) Christopher Wampole ’96 was the first to achieve the coveted status of Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society, passing the l ...More


From deloitte to an NGO supporting democracies

On the National Democratic Institute ’s website (ndi.org), you’ll find all sorts of stories about NDI’s work abroad on behalf of citizen participation in open and accountable governments. Town hall meetings in Yemen, leadership academies for candidates in Kenyan elections, grants to a women’s leadership organization in Mexico – that sort of thing. M ...More


To EMU as undergrad, to JMU as grad student

One thing EMU recent accounting graduates often mention about the university’s accounting program is how they benefitted from its small size. Ashley Hevener ’10 said the close, first-name relationship with her professors was a key part of the education that serves her well in her job as an auditor in Ale ...More


Accounting majors excel by national standards

EMU’s accounting students rank No. 2 in the state, behind the University of Virginia, for first-time pass rate on all sections of the Certified Public Accountant Exam, according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). EMU’s candidates pass ...More


Six grads contribute to SNL financial’s data-collection work

You know how Americans picture the CIA combing the world to collect data, keeping careful tabs on which political faction is rising or falling in what country, and which dealer is funneling arms to what rebel movement? Now shift to the private sector and picture a corporation that combs the world as intensively, or more, than the CIA. Its mission: to collect and sell financial and ...More


Business administration alumni move from small towns to the major leagues

They all have last names that flag them as possibly having Swiss-German-Mennonite roots – Buckwalter, Kauffman and Yoder – and they all majored in business administration. What else do John Buckwalter ’88 in Phoenix, Arizona, Kermit Kauffman ’79 in Tampa, Florida, and Keith Yoder ’77 ...More