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Posted on June 16th, 2006

<img width="160" height="240" src="http://www.emu.edu/athletics/rosters/photos/soccer-m/adam_shank.jpg" alt="Adam Shank" Adam Shank

By Mike Barber, Daily News-Record

Adam Shank took a somewhat circuitous route to broadening his horizons. Coming out of Eastern Mennonite High School, the life-long Harrisonburg resident wanted to move out of the area for college, experience something new.

Instead, he went to college at Eastern Mennonite University, a couple hundred yards from his high school, where he excelled as a student and a soccer player from 2002 until this year.

“Being that EMU was so close to home, it was one of the drawbacks for me,” Shank said. “I grew up only about a mile down the road. That was something that I consciously thought about.

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