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Still ‘Speedy’ After All These Years

September 24th, 2010

Dr. Margaret Gehman donates her classic VW bugDr. Margaret “Speedy” Gehman and her trusty, albeit a bit rusty blue 1967 Volkswagen Beetle are almost synonymous to campus community members.

For decades she motored the streets of the greater Harrisonburg area even though she preferred walking to as many destinations as possible.

She’s been a resident of Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community since 2005, and in September 2010 donated the classic car to EMU in a touching example of stewardship.

Take a moment to share your campus memories of Dr. Gehman and her bug.

4 Responses to “Still ‘Speedy’ After All These Years”

  1. Reuben Miller,

    In the Spring of 1999 when I was a student at EMU, some friends and I noticed Margaret Gehman’s classic VW on campus and in Park View. Working with Harold Huber in the Historical Library, I learned about how the car was brought from Europe after Mennonite World Conference and that the owner was called “Speedy.” I remarked to my friends that I would love to give that car a good waxing. One evening Ted Spangler and Holly Scott came by my room and said that Gehman’s car was parked in the lot between the chapel and the Campus Center.

    We gathered buckets, sponges, soap, wax and towels and walked in a speedy way to the Campus Center. We gave the car a good wash. Then we waxed it. We had to hurry because the special event that Margaret was attending would soon be over. It took less time than we expected since there were three of us and the car is pretty small. In the end, the car gleamed in the moonlight. It was certainly our most benevolent college prank.

  2. Rosemary G King,

    “Speedy” was my physical education teacher and I wondered how on earth she could teach physical education with black stockings, covering, and cape dress. She did it with class and I remember many of her instructions.

  3. Erma (Horst) Taylor,

    Margaret: You were here when I first came to the Shenandoah Valley as a HS Senior 53 years ago. I wish I could get out on the field and PLAY BALL! (Did we really DO that in 1957?) Now I only watch baseball. Don and I moved here from Ohio two years ago and I enjoy seeing you at the monthly “Mennonite Women” meetings at PVMC. What a wonderful picture of you and the BUG. 🙂

  4. Don Taylor,

    Miss Gehman transported my aunt ( Dora Taylor ) to church in that famous car for many years. We still remember the many good things she did for others. Don Taylor

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