Many Faces in Icons

April 7th, 2010 – by Jerry Holsopple (category: Icon Writing)

I have been spending many hours painting icons over the last weeks. I have been working on an Ascension which has 18 faces. It sometimes seems overwhelming but the style is also more minimalist than some of the pieces I have been working on. I am fascinated how Mary here represents the whole church which is meant to carry the incarnation on after the ascension of Christ.


I started two versions of The Virgin of the Sign”, which is about the first incarnation. These are now at the stage where I will sit with them for a while before understanding what all must be done yet.


Maximilian and Maria Skobtsova are nearing completion. I added the text in Greek and Russian this week.


My time with Father Vladimir is just about over. I will miss this regular time of learning.