April 7th, 2010 – by Jerry Holsopple (category: Lithuania, Photography)

My first Easter in Lithuania was eventful. I enjoyed the many designs on the eggs that are so different from what I grew up with. On Friday I went to the carrying of the cross from Christ the King, through old town to Mary Queen of Peace. The crowd was so large that buses couldn’t get through for a while. We stopped 14 times for each of the Stations of the Cross. Click here to see images.

Carrying the Cross

On Saturday, I went to the old market and bought my 12th pair of wool socks and a few of the eggs.


Sunday was a big celebration. In the afternoon we walked through the forest to the seacoast at Melnrage. Many people were searching from amber along shoreline. Click here to see more.


On Monday, a holiday here, I went with a group to Rumšiškės, an ethnographic museum. There was dancing, music and a variety of egg games. Click on the image to see more.


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  1. wedding photographer sydney Says:

    Great to see easter traditions worldwide. The colouring of the eggs is similar to the greek orthodox traditions!