March 21st, 2010 – by Jerry Holsopple (category: Photography)

For spring break we took a trip to Rome. It was a nice break from the winter of Lithuania and a chance to see art everywhere. Just walking the streets and trying to jam into the metro were fun. Click on this image to see some of the street activity.

Rome Streets

It rained the first evening we were there and the best part of another day. The lights on the wet pavement fascinated me so I had to keep shooting without getting the camera too wet. Night time was a great time to also roam the streets seeing what the lights would highlight. I was fascinated by the chestnut roasters, the little markets in the piazzas and the crowds of people checking out the action. Click here to see the dark and wet images.

Rome at Night

We walked along the Apian Way, visited Ostia Antica (the old port city of Rome) and of course took in the Coliseum. Click here to see just a few images.

Ruins and Fountains

Of course what we came to Rome to see were the churches and the art. The mosaics were amazing. I was fascinated by the detail and how the light reflected off of them. I took hundreds of photos but only put a few up here to represent the art and the many churches that we visited. We did see a Caravaggio 400th anniversary exhibit, which was absolutely amazing, as well as spending a day in the Vatican museums. There is no way to adequately show in a photograph the experience of seeing these artistic pieces. I included one Michelangelo and one Raphael to represent two other masters that we able to see many pieces of their fantastic work. Click here to see a small sample.

Rome Churches & Art

One Response to “Rome”

  1. Kathy Holsopple Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful sampling of your trip!! I THOUGHT my favorites were the Apian Way photos. But then I started looking at the cathedrals, and was fascinated by those! I like the cross mosaic (I think – it’s a little hard to tell from the photos what medium was used) in the ceiling vault with windows. The small stained glass window pains letting light through were the same colors as the mosaic on the ceiling. Another favorite is the cross in the colliseum – a moving picture. I was drawn in to the picture of the house door surrounded by ivy and 2 holly bushes on the outside. And then found humor in the picture of the bright red car in the midst of all the whites and grays.

    You do a marvelous job of capturing a broad range of interests, Jerry! And by the way – what is pinging? I guess I’ll Google it (embarassed to say I did that for the Apian Way. Now I know where “All roads lead to Rome” comes from).
    Your sister-in-law, Kathy