The Big Melt

March 3rd, 2010 – by Jerry Holsopple (category: Icon Writing, Lithuania)

Winter is finally starting to disappear. We had a few days of melting which created large puddles or as I like to think of them, mirrors. This winter I have been purchasing wool socks, knit by older women who often sell them along the narrow streets or in open air markets. I now have ten pair which I wear every day.


I have also been painting on the icons more than 10 hours a week. My latest two are St. Maria Skobtsova, a nun who was killed at Ravensbruck during the Holocaust. She had been harboring Jews in her house. The other is Maximilian a 3rd century conscientious objector to war. I hope to have these finished in a few more weeks.


I did leave the apartment and shot some photos of the melt on Sunday afternoon. Click on the photo to see more.


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