Winter in Klaipeda

February 20th, 2010 – by Jerry Holsopple (category: Lithuania, Photography)

Yesterday was the first day above freezing for more than two months here in Klaipeda. That is a long stretch for me, since I am used to Virginia where the snow that doesn’t last too long (except for this year while I am gone). I thought it would be a good time to show some images taken from our apartment and on the walk into my office. At the end you can see some flying dolphins from the local dolphinarium show. I was playing with the Canon 50/0.95 again trying to get the shortest depth of field imaginable. Click on the first photo to see more.

Klaipeda Winter

I have spent most of my spare time the last few weeks painting on my icons. I have four in progress now. Look for an update soon.

One Response to “Winter in Klaipeda”

  1. Josiah Garber Says:

    More snow here. 🙂 Jerry I recommend you get the Canon 200 1.8 I think you would enjoy it. 🙂