Showcase: “To Wisconsin With Love”


For the past academic year we have been using the MediaCore platform to upload and embed digital video and other media in Moodle, for both on-campus and online courses. It’s been a great platform; the Moodle integration is very seamless and intuitive and it’s been ticking along well. It’s been used for recorded mini-lectures and presentations in a range of classes, by both teachers and students, and a speech class has also made extensive use of it for posting speeches for peer review.

The nice thing about the Moodle integration is that the video uploaded within courses are only visible to those enrolled in the course. Videos uploaded/embedded in Moodle are, therefore, “private.” But what about videos that you want to show the world?

This week we had our first chance to do this with our MediaCore site. Paulette Moore, a professor in the Visual & Communication Arts department, taught a documentary filmmaking course this semester and their final project was posted to MediaCore yesterday. It’s called “To Wisconsin With Love: Offerings on Water, Land, and Culture” and runs 44 minutes. Check it out:

Page: To Wisconsin With Love: Offerings on Water, Land, and Culture