Change of venues…


photo by tonystl via Flickr

After four years of life in the campus of Eastern Mennonite University, the majority of which was spent as a graduate student, but also these past five months after graduation working full-time for Information Systems, I’m returning to my home state of Iowa. It’s been a tremendous gift to be part of such a wonderful learning community.

I continue my work for EMU from my new home in rural Iowa as somewhat of an experiment. In my role as Distance Learning Tech Analyst, one of the things I strive to do is help make remote students feel like a part of this community as best we virtually can. So that we’re trying this remote working arrangement has an “eat your own dog food” aspect to it.

In the coming months, I’ll be focusing my energy on a few new technology platforms for education, as well as developing more intentional programs and resources for getting this stuff into the hands of faculty – inspiring, equipping, and supporting. Very much looking forward to this next chapter!