Higher Education in an Age of Disruption


While the focus of my work since starting in May has been on the selection of a web conferencing platform for virtual classrooms, my director and I wrote into my job description some responsibility for helping develop bigger-picture/strategic elements for educational technology at EMU. This is of course a widely-shared responsibility here, so my part in it has been more “archaeological” than anything; spending a lot of my time doing R&D external to EMU and then working with faculty on what they’re already doing for ed-tech in their online or traditional classroom-based courses, helping them envision new opportunities…and periodically meeting with my director or higher leadership to talk strategy.

This week I had the pleasure of working with my director and EMU provost, Fred Kniss, to develop the following Prezi for an upcoming meeting of EMU’s Strategic Planning Council. This post takes its title from the presentation…

I’d embed it here but our WordPress software doesn’t allow me to do so! Yeah…I’m a technology guy, and yes this annoys me.