To Live in Easter Hope

April 24th, 2011

By Brian Burkholder, EMU Campus Pastor

EMU Campus Pastor Brian Martin Burkholder

EMU Campus Pastor Brian Martin Burkholder

Could it really be Easter! Is the Lenten journey over? It’s been such a long wait this year with Easter coming in the calendar as late as possible. And what’s up with Easter landing right in the middle of handing in final papers and preparing for final exams here on campus? It’s just mixed up.

Mixed up? How many of us get in the way, or let our agendas get in the way of the very presence and miraculous of God? In what ways do we blind ourselves to the world changing faithfulness of God? Are we holding back from receiving the love and grace and GIFT given by Jesus – this EASTER gift that is available every day? How freeing it is to let God set the agenda.

God’s agenda in the resurrection is clear – death will not have the final word. Jesus is who he said he was and his ways are God’s ways. God is indeed with us. Alleluia!

So let us live in Easter hope. Let us bind ourselves to Jesus: the way, the truth and the life. Let us live this hope in following Jesus in meeting needs in our communities, seeking justice, serving the poor and the broken-hearted, calling each other to faith and building one another up in the faith.

This is our work – this is our collective life according to God’s agenda. May it be so for you and for me – for us, the body of Christ resurrected once again and forever more.