Can These Bones Live?

April 11th, 2011

Tammy Briggs, MS NursingBy Tammy Briggs, masters of science in nursing student

Ezekiel 37:1-14

As Ezekiel stood in the valley in the mist of the bones all things looked dry and bleak.  The Lord asked the question, “Can these bones live?”  To the eyes of Ezekiel it may not have appeared so, but he knew that God knew the true answer to that question.  During this time the house of Israel had lost all hope and felt they had lost all with no way of return. God promised them restoration and the realization that He is the Sovereign Lord.  Maybe you feel as though you are surrounded by dry bones such as problems, negative situations or failed dreams, realize that God is Sovereign and He can speak life into your situation and bring restoration.  God is faithful to keep His word and fulfill His promises.  Ask yourself today, “What dry bones can I speak life to?”


“Father, I acknowledge you as Sovereign Lord over all things.  Help me to look to You and your word during times of difficulty.  When I lose hope may I remember your promise of restoration and remember that you are always faithful.  Help me to receive the abundant life that You desire to give me. In Jesus name,  amen.”