Waiting for the Call

April 4th, 2011

EMU student Sarah Beck

By Sarah Beck, special education major from Archbold, Ohio

1 Samuel 16:1-13

I wonder what David thought as he was out tending to his sheep on that seemingly ordinary day.

Maybe he was thinking about the weather.  Perhaps the weather was similar to Virginia and he was wondering why on earth it was snowing in spring!  Was he noticing the birds?  Did he observe the littlest lambs trying to learn to walk?  I bet he was just livin’ life, peaceful and content , and had no idea of the anointing that was about to happen.

Can you imagine?  He got called in from the fields and his daydreams to be anointed by Samuel.  To be chosen by God.

Up until about four months ago, I would not have even been able to imagine something like that happening in my life.  I thought I had my life completely together; it was worked out perfectly in my mind!  I had a plan!

Then, one day, I found myself like David.  I was peaceful and content, just livin’ my life, tending to my “flocks” and God came out of nowhere and stirred my heart.  I felt a challenge to do something different, to be someone different, and to live a life different than the one I had planned out.

I think I was as confused as David’s father was, with thoughts of, “me…? Surely you can’t mean ME, God!  There are bigger, stronger people out there and I bet you’d rather choose them!”

But I continued to hear God’s call; He was choosing me.  He had let me have my daydreams about my own plans long enough and it was time to start revealing His plan for me.

I think we are all chosen by God; we are just not always told when he’s going to come anoint us.  I bet the blind man didn’t wake up one morning expecting to meet Jesus and receive the miracle of sight!  I know David wasn’t ready to be called in from the fields to be anointed as the chosen one!  And I sure know that I wasn’t ready to have my world turned upside down by a strange call from God that deviated from my own selfish plans.

Sometimes it takes silence to understand His plans; sometimes it takes time.  Sometimes it takes support and a gentle nudge from those around you; other times it takes a huge, life-altering event.  Whatever your call is, you are chosen by God.  Isn’t that awesome?  The God of all the universe has anointed (or WILL anoint) YOU! He has a plan for YOU! You are chosen! What an incredible thought.

I understand that it can be scary to one day, out of the blue, be chosen by God.  Yikes! What do we DO with that?  I take great comfort in Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd!”  He is watching us; He is caring for us!  How can I be worried?  Even when we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (umm, hello! That is some scary stuff!) he is with us!

God doesn’t just call us, hang up the phone, and expect us to figure it out.  He provides the call, the map, a guide, and he’s even willing to carry us if we grow weary.  He is calling us, anointing us, to do his will do we may dwell in His house forever.  And there isn’t a single thing scary enough to keep me from THAT!  This Lenten season I encourage you to be open to what God is saying to you.

Maybe your time for anointing isn’t here yet; perhaps you have been chosen long ago!  Or maybe, just maybe, God is creeping into your heart…quietly calling your name…choosing to anoint you for a new call.