Go That Way

April 4th, 2011

Kathy Guisewite, MA in Counselingby Kathy Fuller Guisewite, 2010 MA in Counseling graduate

Psalm 23

As I write these words, snow is falling, and sleet is soon to come in behind the snow. The roads are treacherous.   It’s made me stop and think about the many roads I’ve traveled when I didn’t feel safe or when I felt so uncertain as to where the road was actually leading me.  Maybe I was in a car or maybe I was sitting by the warmth of a fireplace sipping tea.  Journeys take place wherever we are.  So what is it that  pushes us forward or pulls us onward in the face of concerns or confusion?  How do we learn to trust the next few yards in front of us to lead us onto what is next?  How can we trust that what is next will be for good?

Trust isn’t easy.  While it often seems like trust is based on outer circumstances (like safe, clear roads),  it really is an inward journey.  When we find our way to the core of trusting, we have found our compass, our true north which is, in a word, God.  Psalm 23 speaks of such.  God provides… for our rest, our health, our guidance, our nourishment, our joy in this life and the next.  Indeed, our Creator provides at every turn, and most especially, when we lose our way.

In this season of Lent, I extend the invitation to you to read Psalm 23.  Sit with it as you would a map or a GPS.  Open your heart to what God might speak to you.  Listen most intently in times when you find yourself saying, “I can’t go that way!”  And then, go that way, that deep internal way that will lead you to quiet waters that nestle green pastures of rest and plenty.