Luke 19: turn your heart to Jerusalem

March 24th, 2010

By Rev. Julie Haushalter, associate campus pastor

Read Luke 19: 28-40

Turn your heart to Jerusalem, to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What is our role in bringing a new Jerusalem with a kingdom of peace and justice for all?

Jesus comes to us, a poor man, riding a colt.  What a witness of the power of love, despite the powers of this world.   A young single Mom and student at JMU shared a story with me today, of losing her wallet containing her only remaining money for the month to take care of her son.  After her initial moments of angst and fear, she resolved to not be ruled by her anxiety.

Instead, she turned to her faith, calmed herself and figured out what to do next.   A friend loaned her enough to get by and she was so grateful.  Then, a couple of days later the campus police called her to let her know that a fellow student had found and returned her wallet with all her money still in it!   A good ending and a high five for human kind!  Still, she was a great example of choosing to be non- anxious, so that she could engage her creativity for a solution while not being consumed with fear.   Jesus rode calmly and knowingly on that young colt.

But, going deeper into our narrative, how do we live out our respect for those, like Jesus,  who have withstood evil, who have suffered the jeers and worse of the crowds? Who have been tormented, even put to death, and still refused the weapons of hatred?  I think it is important for us to reflect on the attitude of these true change makers and the role and power of love in leadership.   Can we let go of our defenses, give up control, and live with open hands and hearts?

Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem, thus beginning a week of pain and sorrow. In these days of defeat and victory, Jesus taught us to bring together humiliation and exaltation, death and resurrection.

Let us live with “hosannas!” and with joy in our heart!

Ask God to be with you now, as you follow in joy and in sorrow the way of the cross, in the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.