Philippians 3: Setting Our Mind on Christ

February 26th, 2010

By Courtney Walker, EMU senior and pastoral assistant

Read: Philippians 3:17-4:1

The Christian walk with Christ happens daily. Often it is easy to get side-tracked by something or someone that seems appealing, these are distractions from the prize ahead. Paul challenges believers to pursue a life like Christ; after all to be Christian is to be Christ-like.

Paul is the example for the Philippians’ to follow; while he is not perfect his life is focused on following Christ as should theirs and ours alike. The Philippians’ had a difficult task back in Paul’s day because there simply was no Bible. Today we have the word of God in tangible form. When we get distracted or begin to lose faith, the word of God is within arm’s reach to provide us with the strength we need to keep going.

People will proclaim to know the God of our salvation and live by completely different standards; we must not be fooled by them. Self satisfying Christians will put their needs before others and go against Christ’s model of service and sacrifice. Do not be easily fooled by others who profess to walk with Christ. We must try not to get so caught up in our daily lives that we become self-indulgent.

Text messages should not take our attention from the worship that is taking place. We shouldn’t be passing notes during the sermon for little Amy’s birthday party, or become so caught up in work that there is no time for prayer. We must set our mind on Christ, not the things of this world.

We must “stay true to the Lord.” Is this easier said than done? Yes, we live in the 21st century with a number of distractions, but Christ provides us with his word to guide us. Let us keep our eyes on Christ and when we are challenged or opposed to remain firm in our salvation. God promises to give us strength. Let us surround ourselves with fellow believers and rely on the Comforter to help us stay true to the Lord.