Luke 9: Ready for a Transformation

February 24th, 2010

By Karissa Sauder, EMU senior and pastoral assistant

Read: Luke 9:28-36

Those of us from Mennonite traditions typically do well at remembering the humanity of Jesus.  With our emphasis on Christ’s life of service, we seek to follow his physical, human example.  To me, this sounds much simpler than aspiring to the perfection of Christ’s divinity.  Jesus as deity is mysterious, complex, difficult to understand.

In Luke 9, we learn that the disciples got a glimpse of this divine nature when Christ was transfigured before them.  Of course, they were asleep at first.  How many times did the disciples miss critical moments in either fatigue or simple ignorance?  More importantly, how often do we take the place of the sleeping disciples?  Are we any more alert than they were, watching for the miracles of God all around us?

Lent is a call to wake up.  In this season, we want to have a heightened sense of both our apathy and our brokenness, keeping our eyes wide open for the work of God in our lives.  Though we think of the human, tempted Jesus during Lent, we also spend this time seeking his divinity as we repent of the things that keep us from being more like him.  Notably, the word that Matthew uses to describe the change in Jesus in his account of the transfiguration is the same word that Paul uses in Romans 12:2 when he urges us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  In this Lenten season, are we pursuing this kind of radical change?

Be awake.  God is ready to transform us.  May we be prepared to let him.

3 Responses to “Luke 9: Ready for a Transformation”

  1. Jean Lengacher Says:

    Good reflections, Karissa…blessings on your awakening Lenten Journey…

    Jean Lengacher

  2. John H. Denlinger Says:

    Greetings Karissa,

    Thanks for your reminder of both the humanity and divinity of Christ and the awakening of Christ’s divinity “transformationing” within us. Good to hear from you!
    Blessings in your last semester at EMU.

  3. Karen Sensenig Says:

    You have come a long way from first grade at Locust Grove! I was excited to see your name, educational status and excellent reflection on Luke 9. I love this passage and always see something more when I read it. Thanks for the moment now to pause, and test my level of alertness to what God IS doing! As a pastor, I love living in this alertness. It keeps me joyful in the midst of challenges beyond my human ability. Keep up the good work!