Advent Meditation- Luke 2:1-19

December 22nd, 2009

By Erin Geoffrion, EMS student

Read: Luke 2:1-19

Peace? Really? The Messiah breaking into my life has brought me many feelings, but peace?

It seems leading the life of a shepherd would be pretty peaceful.  Sheep don’t make much fuss.  There may be wolves every now and again, but it seems like the main concern of a shepherd would be what to have for dinner.

And then: in breaks Jesus.  Now the shepherds have a fire lit under them.  A host of angels trumpets out the news.  The shepherds run down to Bethlehem to see the Messiah.  Then they spread the news far and wide; amazing everyone who hears their story.  The shepherds’ experience sounds astonishing, compelling, miraculous-decidedly not peaceful.

The Messiah breaking into my life has caused me to move thousands of miles, live on modest means and forego a great deal of financial certainty.  I have been forced out of my comfort zone more times than I can count.  If I were not called to follow this Messiah as I am, would I have a 30 year mortgage and overtime benefits by now?  Would I have a decent sleep routine?  Would I have the sense of peace that eludes me now?

Isn’t it funny how the Prince of Peace brings such chaos into our lives?  But how can we be still when Jesus breaks in?  How can we be silent when we have such awesome news?  How can we keep from singing out with our whole beings, joining our voices with the angels and the shepherds and the great cloud of witnesses that have come before us?

Prayer: Lord, you overturned the lives of the shepherds at Jesus’ birth.  I ask now that you jolt our lives.  Incite, goad, prod, provoke, move us to your service.  In your awesome name we pray, Amen.