Advent Meditation- Luke 2:1-19

December 21st, 2009

By Beverly Delp, Office Coordinator, EMS

Beverly DelpRead:Luke 2:1-19

This familiar passage tells the story of the birth of Jesus. It’s a story many of us have heard or read every year since childhood during the Christmas season. Upon a closer look at this familiar passage, we can see that this extraordinary event – the birth of Jesus – occurred in the midst of the ordinary. Joseph and Mary, both ordinary folks, were going to Bethlehem to register because of the decree ordered by Emperor Augustus. I imagine it was a rather mundane and inconvenient trip for Mary and Joseph as she was in her final month of pregnancy and probably feeling very uncomfortable to take this trip which would require at least three days of travel. Not a desired trip by any means.

For the shepherds, who held a very ordinary occupation, it was just another night at work, needing to stay awake and keep watch over their flock to insure protection from thieves and predators.

As both of these situations were happening simultaneously, there was no outward indication that this great event was about to take place. While these ordinary people were focused on their faithful commitment to the (ordinary) tasks set before them, God chose to do the most extraordinary thing imaginable…send His son into the world!

Lord, help us to be faithful and obedient to the daily routine tasks to which you have called us. Thank you that you are able to accomplish the extraordinary while we are simply going about our ordinary daily routine.Beverly Delp