Advent Prayer – Matthew 1:18-25

December 11th, 2009

By Julie Haushalter, EMU Associate Campus Pastor and alumnus of Eastern Mennonite Seminary

Read Matthew 1:18-25

This pastoral prayer is in response to the beautiful and thoughtful reflections shared this week about Joseph’s amazing faithfulness and God’s incredible grace by choosing to “be with us” in Jesus, Immanuel.

Gracious God,

We praise you for the amazing ways that you reach out to us when we least expect you.  We, like Joseph, sometimes carefully plan our escape from discomfort.  We see things how they make sense to us in our world. We even believe that we are pleasing you.

Then, in startling ways, you show us the truth.

Please help us to be alert enough to listen and strong enough to live into the altered reality of our lives in you.

When in response to your call, our path detours from our meticulously laid out plan, we pray that you help us to hold on to our faith. Take us deeper into your heart so that we might be comforted, hopeful and empowered to serve in new ways.   Refresh us, renew us and help us to be brave!  O’ Immanuel!