Advent Meditation – Matthew 1:18-25

December 10th, 2009

By Benjamin  Bergey, junior vocal performance and church music double major from Perkasie, Pa.

Read Matthew 1:18-25

Following Jesus looks different. It’s not always easy or comfortable, and can often make us look strange in comparison to the “norm.”

Even before Jesus was born, following Him and His commands made Mary and Joseph look different. Not only look different, but it was so uncomfortable for Joseph to have a pregnant, unmarried fiancée with his reputation that he wanted to leave her. The world did not see it in the way God saw it, or in the way Mary saw it, or in the way Joseph ended up seeing it.

This set the stage for future Christians: a life where following Jesus meant releasing ourselves from what the world thinks of us. A life where God’s leading might be difficult or different or strange, but it is life-giving, amazing, and better than what we could ever have come up with.

It can be quite challenging to give up our comforts and cares of what others think, but Jesus has called us to do it.

May God speak to you this season, to show you the aspects in your life that need to be released; to give you the strength and faith to release those worries; and to lead you into His Kingdom and His ways that are higher than ours.