For a Child without love

April 9th, 2009

BarbaraBy Barbara Seward,
Master of Divinity student

Read: John 13:1-17, 31-35

For a child without love, I remember the gift of Love.
For a child who hated, I remember being given the ability to Love.
For a child who lived according to the flesh, I remember losing my life.

As His hour approached, our Christ knew that he was returning to the Father. He had loved His own who were in the world and he was about to show them the full extent of his love. ( John13:1) He removed his outer garment to perform the act reserved for the lowliest servant; He washed feet. The cross stood before Him, yet he washed feet. His blood was about to flow upon the earth, yet he washed feet.

I have set you an example that you should do what I have done for you,” he said. (John 13:15) A little later, he says, ‘Love one another.”(John 13:34)

This example had so little to do with the act itself, but it had everything to do with love portrayed and humility displayed. This menial task didn’t garner any rewards or accolades. After all, who would do such a trivial thing? Our Christ did. And he didn’t stop at foot washing; he continued to demonstrate His love and walked to the cross. His life seeped from him and his love remained, he arose on the third day and his love remained, he ascended to the Father and his love remained, and as he lives within us today, his love remains.

Sweet brothers and sisters, we are to wash feet everyday of our lives, for love doesn’t stop. It is not conditioned upon approval or agreement.

For a child who knows love, I pray to act
For a child who loves, I pray to pour it out upon the earth.
For a child who has been given life…I return it to the One who gifted it.

Respond: May we always follow the wind, and shed that which does not glorify.