The Rainbow Covenant

February 26th, 2009

By Marcy Gineris
EMU Web content editor

Marcy GinerisRead: Genesis 9:8-17

Reflect: The beauty of nature has always been a wondrous thing to me. The vibrant colors of a rainbow, in particular, bring with them a sense of awe. I have never seen a sunset or a rainbow without sharing a prayer of thanks with the Lord.

This sense of hope and renewal escaped me, though, as I worked through the many emotions accompanying my mother’s passing. Life took on a dulling effect, and the grey undertone seeped further and further into my mindscape as I went through the motions of daily life. My son’s smile and my daughter’s jokes and laughter were the only things that broke through the dullness.

One day I noticed I had forgotten to count the number of rainbows my mother’s prism suncatchers threw across the kitchen and dining room each day as the morning sun filtered through the windows. It was a counting game she and my son had played many times. We never found less than 11, and one time we even found 14. I wondered how many mornings I had walked past the rainbows without bothering to consider them. I realize now my mother loved these tiny rainbows for reasons other than their beauty.

I had numbed myself to the power of God’s promises, the beauty of renewal all around us. As I processed this I returned in my mind to my last week with my mother. Those days our time was spent on the sixth floor of the hospital, my sister and I reading to her from the cracked and faded Bible she had been given on her 16th birthday. (I keep it with me now, its once-white cover a dingy grey, a poignant reminder that with age comes wisdom and a new kind of beauty.)

Over and over during those difficult times we shared the Lord’s prayer, and without fail, our strength and faith were renewed.

One morning during our hospital stay, a beautiful white snow covered the ground, several inches deep, offset by a powder blue sky. I thought I glimpsed a rainbow, too, and I hurried to tell my mom while I still had the opportunity. How lucky and blessed we were to have the strength of prayer to draw upon, and a symbol of God’s promise nearby!

And I had forgotten that. So I search once again for the rainbows in the kitchen each morning, and count them with my son, knowing the Lord is near.

Respond: May we always remember our Lord is near, and never forget the beauty and importance of God’s promises.