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Bach Festival

CROWN JEWEL OF THE VALLEY The Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival is a week-long summer music festival at EMU devoted to promoting an appreciation and understanding of the music of Bach and a featured composer, country, era or people. In 2011, its 19th year, the festival will be held June 12-19 and will focus on Mozart ...More

He Gave His Life

By Valerie Neff Newitt Glen Lapp, BSN, RN, gave his life to the service of others — literally. Lapp packed his nursing skills and his Mennonite-inspired commitment to a peaceful world and journeyed to Afghanistan in October 2008. Working for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Akron, Pennsylvania, he helped to provide eye care and other ...More

EMC Folk Band Celebrated Album’s 40th Anniversary

It started on Maplewood 3rd West, when hallmates Dwight Roth ’69 and Arlin “Rich” Yoder ’70 began teaching themselves to sing and play the guitar. Soon there was a third – John Longacre ’70 – and then two more: Ruth White ’70 and Rosey Ross ’71. The five friends began practicing in EMC’s Northlawn basement, ...More

New Look at Anabaptists In Post-1500s Europe

Mark Jantzen, Bethel associate professor of history, and his colleague Mary Sprunger (both Bethel graduates, in 1985 and 1984, respectively), professor of history at EMU, were co-planners for “Marginal or Mainstream? Anabaptists, Mennonites and Modernity in European Society,” a conference held on the Bethel (Kan.) campus June 25-26, 2010. The thesis of the conference was ...More

Her DREAM Crushed

Isabel Castillo ’07 of Harrisonburg., Va., was interviewed on Oct. 14, 2010, by Bob Edwards of NPR’s The Bob Edwards Show. Edwards also interviewed Deanna Durham, EMU assistant professor of social work and other friends of Castillo in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The interviewees spoke about the importance of Congressional passage of the DREAM Act, to provide ...More

National Awards For Two Teachers

Matthew (Matt) Miller ’95 of Kalona, Iowa, was named one of 103 recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching by President Obama on June 7, 2010. This presidential award is conferred annually on the best pre-college-level science and mathematics teachers from across the country. The winners are selected by a ...More

Blacksburg School Proves Compatible with EMU

EMU’s first medical students at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Blacksburg, Virginia – Nathaniel “Nate” and Margaret “Maggie” Yoder, both ’08 – “are having a tremendous and challenging experience in a medical school that feels like a continuation of the EMU ethic of service and care for the less fortunate,” reported ...More

EMU Excels In Accounting

They came, they collaborated, they crunched the numbers and were rewarded for their efforts in a grueling regional business competition sponsored by Goodman & Company, a major Virginia accounting business. A team of Eastern Mennonite University senior accounting majors tied for fourth place in the final round of competition with a team from the University ...More

Brick by Brick In the Congo

Doug Kulungu, a guest columnist in the Dec. 6, 2010, issue of the Mennonite Weekly Review, cited these heartbreaking statistics for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his home country: “More than 6 million have died, 300,000 women have been raped, and Congolese still live in horrifying conditions.” Jean de Dieu Tshileu, a 2007 economics ...More

Research Probes Mechanisms of Aging

Why and how do we get old? This is one of the most basic and unknown questions of biology, says Jeffrey M. Copeland, PhD, assistant professor of biology at EMU. Joining him to study the topic is junior biology/music double major, Charise Garber of Lancaster, Pa. “We’re using fruit flies,” explains Garber, “because their genes ...More