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Huangshan and Nanjing: A Medley of Experiences

After bidding our Anqing host families farewell, we hopped a bus to the foot of Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain. The following morning, we rode out to the mountain, where we experienced a wealth of people queuing up to take the cable car up the mountain. For me, at least, this was a time where t ...More

Lijiang Free Travel

November 2-9, 2013 ...More

Western Travels

This was another whirlwind week for us as we travelled roughly 3,000 miles. On Monday we said goodbye to Xiahe, which had gotten some snow on the mountain tops during the night. During the day we made a stop in Binglingi where we took a boat ride on the ...More

Western Travel: Week One

This week was a wonderful week for this EMU cross-cultural group! On Monday we traveled to Qingchengshan to climb a Daoist mountain. The scenery and energy there was spectacular. We climbed to the top, or at least, a top, where we ate lunch at a Daoist temple. On the way down exhaustion set in for many of us, but we had a relaxing boat ride and trip back to rest. That next day we left Ch ...More

Photo Gallery-China 2013-4 Langzhong

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Adventures in ancient China

“Adventure is out there!!!”  This phrase has been adopted by nearly everyone in our group while exploring China and all it’s exciting and historical locations or even just walking around our host city of Nanchong, in most cases we find it. This last weekend we had the privilege of visiting and staying in the ancient city of Langzhong.  Langzhong is one of only 4 well ...More

Agriculture and Guangan

Dwan’s farm. Photo by Jonathan Drescher-Le ...More