Scheduled Multi-Day Power Outage for Suter Science Center 11/01-02

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A multi-day complete electrical outage at Suter Science Center has been scheduled for Saturday/Sunday, November 1 and 2.

Outage Details:

Outage scheduled begin time: 8:00am, Saturday, 11/01
Outage scheduled end time: 2:00pm, Sunday, 11/02
Outage duration: about 30 hours

Impact: The Suter Science building will be completely without power for the duration of the outage.  Because the Turf Field lights and its resources that require electricity are fed from Suter, these will also be without power.  There will be no general public access to the building during the outage.

Reason: The electrical service from HEC to Suter needs to be upgraded as part of the Phase 1/Phase 2 renovation.  A large transformer located in the northeast basement maintenance room of Suter needs to be replaced by the electrical contractor, Trumbo Electric, Inc.

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Suter Renovation Work This Week: 10/20-10/24

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Windows and doors: Glass has been installed in the classrooms and foyer windows and the storefront structure and doors of the South Entrance are in place.

EFIS: The Exterior Insulation and Finish System will be done by Saturday.  This is the top of the wall above the brick that ties into the roof and will, with the installation of glass in windows and doors, bring Phase 1 spaces to their “dried in” state, ready for climate control systems (HVAC) to operate.

Elevator: Installation of the elevator will begin on Thursday (10/23) and will require about 9 workdays to complete.


Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Replacement floor: Part of the cadaver lab classroom floor needed to be re-built. Concrete was poured on Monday and the remainder of the floor will be amended with self-leveling concrete material by middle of next week.

Climate control systems: The wait continues for the make-up-air units, a key component of the classroom labs HVAC system.  They are scheduled to arrive next week (Oct 27-31).  It is somewhat urgent that these HVAC units be brought online as soon as possible so that existing floors and new floor covering material can acclimate several days before installation.  Floor coverings must be in place before installation of lab case goods (cabinets, lab tables, etc) begins.

Waterline:  Trenching for the water and gas lines has proceeded east along the driveway to the point where it will turn north to enter the Suter mechanical systems room.  It is expected to be completed and connected to the sprinkler system and be ready for inspection by the Fire Marshall next Wednesday (10/29).

Natural gas line: Installation of the new gas line is following right behind the waterline work and is expected to be completed next week.

Concourse: The curved ceiling bulkheads are taking shape in the North/South Corridor.  The storefront glass walls for the learning space/conference room have been measured and ordered.  Installation could happen as early as next week.

Clockwise from upper left: glass in P1 windows and doors, painted ceiling in classroom 104, waterline trench, start of curved ceiling bulkhead in Concourse.

Clockwise from upper left: glass is installed in windows and doors of foyers, classrooms and South Entrance; open portion of classroom 104 ceiling is painted white; waterline trench from driveway to mechanical room; first of two curved ceiling bulkheads is taking shape in Concourse near the framing for glass-walled learning space/conference room.

Suter Renovation Work This Week: 10/13-10/17

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Windows and doors: Installation of the South Entrance “storefront” structure was begun last week and will conclude this week, including the installation of the glass.  This, along with installing glass in the tall windows of the 2nd floor foyer will bring the new structure to its “dried in” state.

Drywall: Hanging of drywall in classrooms, restrooms and foyers should be completed by Friday.  Next up: drywall finishing.

Air conditioning: The heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in Phase 1 are much simpler than those for Phase 2 because there are no laboratory classrooms.  These systems, based on variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, should be close to operational by the end of the week.

Elevator: Installation will begin as soon as the infrastructure systems needed to support it are in place, which is mainly electrical power and is expected to be available sometime this week.  Once installation begins, about three weeks is needed for completion.

Phase 1 expected completion date: November 7

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Climate control systems: The HVAC systems for Phase 2 construction areas are far more complex than in the Phase 1 areas because more than 30 fume hoods will installed in the labs.  The purpose of these hoods is to exhaust the room air contaminated by the work being done in the labs.  In order to exhaust the “bad air”, “good air” needs to come into the labs and this fresh air needs to be heated or cooled depending on the weather conditions. To do this, “make up air” units must be included in the lab classroom HVAC systems.  These units are scheduled to arrive at Suter on October 24 and installation is expected by October 28.  This is an important milestone because the Phase 2 construction area must be under full climate control for at least a week so that the lab flooring material can be brought into the space and “acclimated” during this time to stabilize its temperature and humidity levels.  Lab floors must be installed before the lab cabinetry can be installed, a process expected to require about three weeks to complete in November.

Concourse: A central feature of the Suter Science Center renovation is the broad concourse connecting the north and south entrance doors.  Within this concourse will be several interesting features including walk-up computer kiosks on the northwest wall, hexagonal dry-erase public writing surfaces and a learning space/conference room with three sides of glass.  The hexagonal writing areas and the walls for the learning space/conference room are already taking shape.

Concrete stains: The floors of the two east-west lab corridors (north and south) and the north-south concourse will be finished with concrete stain.  Selection of two colors for these stains will be made from the samples that have been applied to room 037, the General Chemistry lab.  The sample areas are only temporarily visible and will be covered completely with the final

Waterline: Complications and surprises continue to develop with the sprinkler system water line trenching.  Extra time was required last week to find the correct 6 inch city main to connect to.  This week’s surprise involved the location and condition of cable conduits for phones, optic fiber for data and coax cable for television.  The rainy weather also adds to the challenges for the excavation company installing the waterline.  The good news is that installation of a new fire hydrant to the southwest of the Suter building has been without difficulty.

Gas line: In addition to Park Road being dug up by the waterline excavator, a different contractor has begun installing a gas line across Park Road which includes holes being dug in the lawn area to the east of Hartzler Library and to the west of Suter.  So far, no complications have been encountered and work is expected to be completed by Friday, assuming there are no delays due to weather.

Phase 2 expected completion date: December 15
gas line, concrete stain samples, concourse conference room, fire hydrant and waterline trench

Clockwise from top left: gas line across Park Road, concrete color stain samples for corridors, new fire hydrant and trenching for sprinkler system waterline, start of framework for concourse learning space/conference room.

Suter Renovation Work This Week: 10/06-10/10

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Is largely complete.  Waiting for mortar to cure so that surface can be cleaned.

Windows: Window frames are being installed.  Installation of glass should follow near the end of week.

Interior walls: Drywall installation will begin.

Roofing: Roofing is complete which will allow the building to be “dried in” as soon as the installation of the doors and windows is complete.  This will be a big milestone.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Ceilings: The ceiling grid will be completed by mid-week.

Generator: The concrete pad for the new emergency power generator at the northeast corner of the building is poured and ready for arrival of the generator.

Waterline: A hole has been dug in Park Road in search of the water main that will feed the new 6 inch sprinkler system waterline.  Monday’s work yielded the unfortunate surprise to find the pipe under the street shown on the city drawing was only 2 inches in diameter.  But not to worry, there are more pipes in the street.   It just means more digging will be required than was originally planned.  Eldon Kurtz, Director of Physical Plant, was not totally surprised to find the “real world” of underground utilities not exactly as shown on historical drawings.  Before the City of Harrisonburg annexed Park View in 1983, the area was known as the “Park View Sanitary District”.  There may have been times when things were done more “expeditiously” than “correctly” and documentation was, perhaps, a bit sparse.

Windows: The original windows have been replaced and the clear glass panels of the upper sections has been installed.  The lower panels should be installed late this week or early next.

Climate Control: As soon as all the windows and external doors are installed the Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas will be “dried in” and ready for climate control systems to operate.  There is currently a bit of delay on one of the climate control components called a “make-up air unit”.  It is critical that this unit arrives in a timely manner so that climate control can begin.  This is needed in order for moisture content and temperature of the concrete floors to be stabilized for a number of days prior to installation of the special floor coverings in the lab classrooms.

Gas line: The age of Suter Science Center shows up in a number of areas of the building’s infrastructure.  At the moment, there is no operating gas line feeding the building boilers because there was a failure of the original gas line early in the summer.  In the coming days another ditch will be dug across the front lawn of Suter to connect to the city gas line on the west side of Park Road.


Clockwise from upper left: sprinkler system waterline, window frames, emergency generator, climate control systems.

Areas of work at Suter Science Center week of October 9: sprinkler system waterline, window frames, emergency generator, climate control systems.

Suter Renovation Work This Week: 09/29-10/03

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Will likely be completed by end of week.

Windows: Window frames will be installed.

Interior walls: Framing inspection has been completed. Drywall installation will begin.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Technology: Network cabling being pulled to all rooms. Phase 1 and 2 will have nearly 75,000 feet of network cabling.

Ceilings: Ceiling grid to be completed by end of week.

Waterline: The excavation company will begin work on a new, large waterline from Park Road for the sprinkler system. First work will be at the street location to install the connection. Work next week will be between Park Road and the outside wall of the maintenance room in the southwest corner of the building. No parking will be available beside the south driveway during this time.

Suter Science Renovation work week of Sept 29 - brickwork, ceiling grid, network cabling.

Clockwise from upper left: brickwork nearing completion, ceiling grid in many classrooms, 75k feet of network cable being pulled.

Suter Renovation Work This Week: 09/22-26

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Continues and is expected to require another week to ten days.  Brick cleaning will begin after mortar has cured for seven days.

Interior walls: Metal stud framing continues.  Plumbing, electrical and climate control contractors are preparing for wall inspections required prior to installing drywall.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Wall finishing: Painting is moving along nicely.

Ceiling work: Ceiling grid installation will begin towards end of week.

Windows: Replacement windows being installed.

Suter Science Ctr 2nd floor lobby and classroom 104

Second floor lobby and classroom 104

South corridor study nooks, brickwork and new lower level classroom 055.

South corridor study nooks, brickwork and new lower level classroom

Suter Renovation This Week: 09/15-09/19

& Suter Science Renovation.

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Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Masons are laying brick on the south and east walls of the Phase 1 two story addition.

Interior metal stud framing: First floor interior framing is completed.  Working to complete second floor this week.

Rough-in: Mechanical contractors (electrical, plumbing, climate control) should have most of their rough-in work done by end-of-work.

Brickwork for classroom addition.

Brickwork being laid on west and south walls of the classroom addition.

Brickwork at South Entrance.

Brickwork will extend from external area of South Entrance to interior foyer.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Hallway skylights: Faculty offices hallway skylights have been cut into roof.

Wall finishing: Painting is underway in classrooms and offices.

Faculty Offices Hallway Skylights

And there will be light! In the faculty offices hallway.