Suter Renovation Work This Week: 09/29-10/03

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Will likely be completed by end of week.

Windows: Window frames will be installed.

Interior walls: Framing inspection has been completed. Drywall installation will begin.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Technology: Network cabling being pulled to all rooms. Phase 1 and 2 will have nearly 75,000 feet of network cabling.

Ceilings: Ceiling grid to be completed by end of week.

Waterline: The excavation company will begin work on a new, large waterline from Park Road for the sprinkler system. First work will be at the street location to install the connection. Work next week will be between Park Road and the outside wall of the maintenance room in the southwest corner of the building. No parking will be available beside the south driveway during this time.

Suter Science Renovation work week of Sept 29 - brickwork, ceiling grid, network cabling.

Clockwise from upper left: brickwork nearing completion, ceiling grid in many classrooms, 75k feet of network cable being pulled.

Suter Renovation Work This Week: 09/22-26

& Suter Science Renovation.

Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Continues and is expected to require another week to ten days.  Brick cleaning will begin after mortar has cured for seven days.

Interior walls: Metal stud framing continues.  Plumbing, electrical and climate control contractors are preparing for wall inspections required prior to installing drywall.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Wall finishing: Painting is moving along nicely.

Ceiling work: Ceiling grid installation will begin towards end of week.

Windows: Replacement windows being installed.

Suter Science Ctr 2nd floor lobby and classroom 104

Second floor lobby and classroom 104

South corridor study nooks, brickwork and new lower level classroom 055.

South corridor study nooks, brickwork and new lower level classroom

Suter Renovation This Week: 09/15-09/19

& Suter Science Renovation.

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Phase 1 work (two-story classroom addition and South Entrance):

Brickwork: Masons are laying brick on the south and east walls of the Phase 1 two story addition.

Interior metal stud framing: First floor interior framing is completed.  Working to complete second floor this week.

Rough-in: Mechanical contractors (electrical, plumbing, climate control) should have most of their rough-in work done by end-of-work.

Brickwork for classroom addition.

Brickwork being laid on west and south walls of the classroom addition.

Brickwork at South Entrance.

Brickwork will extend from external area of South Entrance to interior foyer.

Phase 2 work (south corridor classrooms):

Hallway skylights: Faculty offices hallway skylights have been cut into roof.

Wall finishing: Painting is underway in classrooms and offices.

Faculty Offices Hallway Skylights

And there will be light! In the faculty offices hallway.


Suter Renovation This Week: 09/08-09/12

& Suter Science Renovation.

Roofing: New-roof to old-roof tie-in is complete except for area of South Entrance, which is dependent on brickwork being completed.

Exterior Sheeting: Exterior wall framing for SC055/104 is completed and installation of sheeting will begin this week as weather permits (rain predicted for Monday/Tuesday).

Insulation and Brickwork: Will follow installation of exterior sheeting this week.

Interior Framing: Interior metal stud framing for Phase 1 addition (classrooms, restrooms, lobbies) can proceed regardless of weather conditions this week.

Drywall Finishing: Phase 2 (Main Level south classrooms) drywall finishing will be completed this week.

Painting: Phase 2 painting will begin this week pending final color selections.

Sprinkler System: Completed except for mechanical room where work continues this week.

Night scene of Phase 1 addition.

Night scene of Suter Science Phase 1 addition on September 5.

Suter Renovation This Week: 09/01-09/05

& Suter Science Renovation.

Roof Work – Contractor will be repairing existing roof where old HVAC unit was removed and will tie the old roof to the new roof being built over the new SC104.  This will likely create some “noise overhead” in places like SC 106.

Sprinkler Work – Contractor should finish phase 1 and phase 2 work this week.

Excavation Work – Contractor will be working around the existing south entrance to the mechanical room and the new SC 055 and 104 addition to establish rough grade levels to set up for framing and masonry work early next week.

Drywall Work – nearly all phase 2 drywall is finished.  When phase 1 area is “dried in” (roof and walls are weather tight) drywall installation will begin which is targeted for end of next week (i.e. by 09/12).

Framing and roof construction at South Entrance and classrooms 055 (lower) and 104 (upper).

Framing and roof construction at South Entrance and classrooms 055 (lower) and 104 (upper).

* Phase 1 = Classrooms 055 and 104 along with the south entrance.
* Phase 2 = Lab classrooms along the south corridor and the north/south concourse.

Roselawn Still on Target for September 12

& Employees, Office Moves, Roselawn Renovation.

The pace of work on the Roselawn project has reached a feverish pitch with just two weeks to go until September 12, which VP of Finance, Daryl Bert, announced as the projected ready-to-move-in-date during this year’s Faculty/Staff Fall Conference.  The project team is cautiously optimistic that this can be achieved, however, there is always the chance that an event could occur to cause a delay.

The major things to be done before employees “move in” to Roselawn include the following (more…)

Empty Boxes for Office Moves Available in “The Guild”

& Office Moves.

Information Systems recently unboxed about 100 computers and collapsed and saved the boxes to make them available for employees who are moving to new office locations. They can be accessed just inside the 2nd story west entrance to “The Guild” using the ramp from the Smith Ave parking area. Tape dispensers are next to the boxes for your convenience if wish to “un-collapse” the boxes when you pick them up.  These are medium-sized boxes, about 24 X 15 X 10.