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Posted on February 16th, 2010

Anyone who’s met me knows this simple fact: I love to talk about EMU sports.

Athletics at EMU is about shaping lives, about enhancing college educations by positively impacting an athlete’s understanding of self, others, and God.

In this blog I’ll put into written word the amazing things happening with our student-athletes on campus. I’ll share with you the conversations and stories that thrill me and motivate me to continually find new ways to reach out to new athletes, alumni, coaches, staff, and community members.

I’m thankful that I can celebrate and share in the life achievements of our athletes and coaches over the years. Our mission of developing young people through athletics is never over. Be a partner with us in this rewarding endeavor and remember our coaches and athletes in your prayers.

Read the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Crossroads, which focused on the 2,200 alumni who have played intercollegiate sports at EMU.


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