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Inside Athletics: June 22, 2012

Posted on June 22nd, 2012

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This week Dave focuses his thoughts on the summertime activities of many of the high school sports.  With many states giving unlimited privileges to coaches to work with their players during the out of season time, there seems to be a growth of individual and team camps along with clinics and showcases.  While these activities can be good fundraising activities for coaches and provide positive public relations for a university, they also adds to the issue of over-involvement on the part of high school coaches and players, increasing costs to parents and time away from family.  Dave encourages families to do their homework before selecting a camp, clinic or showcase for their son or daughter.  The ratio of instructors to campers, cost and facilities should all be taken into consideration when determining the types of summer involvement for their children.  Another consideration is the intensity level, particularly of the team camps.  If the coaches and parents are treating it like the regular season, the benefit to the player may be compromised.  The out-of-season activities can be a delicate path to navigate as you try to provide opportunities for your son or daughter to improve, while having a relaxed, enjoyable summer.

Listen to the podcast.

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