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Inside Athletics: September 30, 2011

Posted on September 30th, 2011

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This week, Dave goes solo and discusses the challenges of directing the athletic program at EMU, a DIII program that values both the total educational experience for the student athlete and competitiveness within the conference.  Specific areas of tension that can exist are in the recruiting process and the amount of time asked of student athletes.  Winning programs are of value to the university, but what is the cost to the student athlete’s educational experience.  Should athletes be permitted miss games for family, church or university events, leaving their teams short-handed?  New NCAA legislation that permits strength and conditioning coaches to work directly with teams in the off-season will likely put EMU further behind our competition since we don’t have such a position and have not been “requiring” out-of-season conditioning like other programs do. He also highlights the strategies in the athletic department to help the university reach new enrollment goals.

Listen to the podcast

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