Two Bonhoeffer essays posted in

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For anyone who is interested, I have just posted two essays in (Both of them are on Bonhoeffer. One of them is the essay I had already posted here responding to Clifford Green. The other is a new essay responding to a critique by Michael DeJonge of our book as it relates to Anabaptism.)… Read more »

Kansas City 2015, Part Two: Mennonites Know This (I hope)

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I became a Mennonite partly as a culmination of a decision I made in 1971. In October of 1971, when I turned eighteen, I became a conscientious objector. I was quite new to the Christian faith. But I had seen that the Scriptures—including my Lord—said that I was to love my enemies (which I thought… Read more »

Kansas City 2015: The Great Omission? (I hope not.)

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A couple of people have asked me if I had any thoughts related to the upcoming bi-annual Mennonite Church USA convention. As I considered this I realized that I had already written two pieces that seem particularly pertinent for the resolutions on “The Status of the Membership Guidelines” and “Forbearance in the Midst of Differences.”… Read more »

The Church Discipline of John Howard Yoder:

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Legal and Religious Considerations by J. Glenn Friesen[1] [Note from Mark Thiessen Nation: The following essay is not the way I would frame these issues. For that see my previous blog posts. But I believe Dr. Friesen has gone through the facts in a very careful way that is clarifying. I believe his essay, framed… Read more »

Sectarian Compassion

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As is obvious, I am not a blogger who comments regularly on happenings in the world. And I have been hesitant to break that pattern. The central reason is that a very occasional comment might give the wrong impression: as if I just care about the occasional isolated topic on which I focus. Anyone who… Read more »

Bonhoeffer the Assassin?: Going to the Source of the Myth

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Questioning Eberhard Bethge on Bonhoeffer & the Conspiracy “I do not know of any reputable scholar or reader of Bonhoeffer who believes that he personally was involved in the attempts on Hitler’s life.” This is a statement I received by e-mail within the last year from a quite respected senior Bonhoeffer scholar. If he is… Read more »

On Contexualizing Two Failures of John Howard Yoder

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Mark Thiessen Nation, with Marva Dawn  [Note: I write the following after having written two previous blog posts, in the first of which, among other things, I affirmed the statement formulated by the faculty of AMBS. Thus the following reflections should be understood in light of my earlier posts.  I should perhaps add that I… Read more »