Apply Now to the LOM Program at EMU

Contact our Program Representative at:

(540) 432-4981

Our Application Process

  1. Contact the program representative who will present information about the program, review your transcripts, and begin the application process. We’ll personally guide you through the rest! Call (540) 432-4981 or to get started.
  2. Submit an application with a $25 fee to Eastern Mennonite University through the Adult Degree Completion Program Office.
  3. Submit requests for official academic transcripts from all institutions you have attended.
  4. Complete a writing sample and an autobiographical outline.
  5. Obtain a transcript evaluation from the EMU registrar.
  6. Meet with the assessment counselor to initially evaluate your portfolio.
  7. Complete financial aid information and arrangements.
  8. Attend the convocation meeting.
  9. Attend the first night of class.

Requirements for Admission

The admissions selection process is designed to identify those students who have potential for completing a university degree program. Degree completion programs are designed to build on experience and previous college credit. As a first step, your background and goals are assessed to determine where you are in relation to the degree program.

To be admitted you must:

  • Transfer to EMU with at least 60 semester hours of college credit from accredited community colleges or four-year institutions with a minimum 2.0 grade point average. (If you are a Blue Ridge Community College transfer student, please review the matriculation agreement and course recommendations for maximum benefit!)
  • Have life experience (owning a business, volunteerism, professional work, etc.) from which learning can be demonstrated.
  • Demonstrate writing skills that will allow you to complete summary papers for each course, life-learning papers as needed, and longer research-based writing assignments.
  • Have current work experience or significant volunteer involvement that will provide a forum to practice management and organizational development concepts and provide the setting for the application of research project.
  • Be at least 25 years of age and currently employed.

International Students’ Application Process

International students who meet admissions requirements are permitted to enroll after meeting United States Center for Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements. International students must identify their visa type on the program application form and, during the admissions process, meet with the director of international student services

They must also meet with the degree completion program academic advisor before each traditional semester to create an individualized enrollment plan that meets full-time USCIS enrollment requirements for international students.

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