Kendra Litwiller, Summer 2013

English major and Writing Studies minor, “MennoMedia Editorial Intern”

As an editorial intern at MennoMedia in Harrisonburg this summer, I was able to take part in a variety of projects that gave me a fuller understanding of the array of responsibilities of an editor. I worked on revisions for two cookbooks published by MennoMedia, and nearly every week I edited articles to post to MennoMedia’s Third Way Café website. The same site featured a republished article about peace each month, and I communicated with outside sources to obtain permission to reprint articles. During my internship, MennoMedia was also in the beginning stages of redesigning Third Way Café. I was able to participate in meetings and learn why the editorial staff is an essential part of maintaining a website.

The friendly environment of MennoMedia allowed me to form relationships with the people who worked there, and I was also given the opportunity to work independently while maintaining communication with my supervisor. Within this flexibility, I was able to work on more than one project at once, and gain more experience through that range of assignments. My internship at MennoMedia was extremely beneficial in experiencing more of a field I am interested in.