Anna Engle, TESOL minor with ESL PreK-12 Teaching Endorsement

In 2011, I graduated from EMU with a minor in TESOL and a teaching endorsement in ESL PreK-12 and History & Social Science 6-12. After graduating from EMU, I moved to Sapporo, Japan, and have been teaching at a public high school for a year and a half. I not only teach 320 students a week, but I also assist with English Seminars, Business Seminars, and English camps run by the Board of Education. My teaching degree and the history and linguistics courses I took are all utilized in my current job. I teach English grammar, writing, and oral communication, along with culture and history. One of my favorite lessons was about the Japanese Internment Camps in the United States during World War II, which most of my students had never heard of. I often teach about Christian subjects as well, like Christmas and Easter. In a country where less than 1% are Christian, I experience people to be curious and open. The classes I took from the Lang-Lit Dept also prepared me to be a language learner. Learning Japanese is a delightful challenge that I get to experience every day.