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Steve Kriss

Stuart Murray Williams

Sue Conrad Howes

Dave Greiser

Spring 2014 – Reborn

Preaching Together: Experimental and Missional Proclamation in Community


This course invites pastors and leaders to explore preaching as a multi-vocal activity within community. It is envisioned as a creative educational model for persons familiar with preaching.

Learning Components:


  • A Cohort: Join a group for five-months of engagement and experimentation.
  • Teaching: Two intensive face-to-face days of teaching at the beginning and end: February 15 and June 14.
  • Meet via WebEX: Students will experiment four times and reflect on those experiences with the class through bi-weekly, 90-minute web-based sessions.
  • Stuart Murray Williams: Williams will lead four 1-hour Webinars related to his book The Power of All.


Steve Kriss will lead a teaching team including Stuart Murray Williams and others.

Credit Value

  • Two Credits or Participation Audit
    • One additional hour of credit available with a Directed Study


Tuition: $423 per credit hour
Participation Audit: $450
Technology Fee: $25

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