Spring 2017

Tuition: $437 per credit hour
Audit: $90 per credit hour
Technology fee: $50 per semester
Textbooks not included.
Core degree requirement = Core degree requirement.


SMCL 510L Contemporary Issues & Possibilities in Youth Ministry (3 credits)Core degree requirement
This course covers a range of topics and possibilities related to doing ministry with youth in various contexts. Students will research their own ethnographic study on a youth culture while creating their vision for youth ministry in or outside the church. Download syllabus
Schedule: Fri.-Sat. sessions, 8:30am – 4:30pm, Jan. 27-28; Feb. 24-25; Mar. 24-25
Location: Nueva Vida Norristown New Life
Instructor: Calenthia Dowdy, PhD

Gateway Course

Gateway courses are a series of four courses that focus on Anabaptist identity, convictions and experience.

CTH 527L Bible Survey and Anabaptist Hermeneutics (2 or 3 credits)Core degree requirement
This course introduces students to the historical and literary sweep of the Bible as a record of God’s salvation story. Students will examine various genres of biblical literature, understand different hermeneutic approaches, and formulate a defensible personal biblical hermeneutic.
Download syllabus
Schedule: Fri.-Sat. sessions, 8:30am – 4:30pm, Feb. 17-18; Mar. 17-18
Location: Conestoga Mennonite Church, Morgantown, Pa.
Instructor: Laura Brenneman, PhD

Summer Preview: 2017

• Preaching Institute Core degree requirement
• Cross Cultural: United Kingdom –Anabaptism & Post-Christendom in a Changing Context Core degree requirement
• The Holy Spirit in Anabaptist Experience

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