Nurses, finish your degree!


All the world tugs at your life and demands your attention, leaving little time for personal fulfillment.

  • Our degree completion courses at EMU Lancaster accommodate the schedules of working adults.
  • Classes meet 4 hours one morning or evening weekly for about 18 months.
  • In two years you will have reached your goal and be able to take pride in your bachelor of science degree in nursing.


No nurse can afford to waste time.

  • Each course you have taken at an accredited institution, no matter how long ago, counts toward your degree.
  • Registered nurses receive 45 semester hours of credit for their diploma; former LPNs receive additional credit.
  • Continuing education, certification, standardize testing, and professional training work to your advantage in this program.
  • You can even gain course credit for your life experience!


Adding any expense stresses the household budget.

  • EMU Lancaster keeps tuition and fees to a minimum through thoughtful management and creative planning.
  • Students benefit from the good relationship EMU Lancaster enjoys with local employers, which relaxes the initial payment necessary to begin your studies.
  • EMU Lancaster offers many avenues of financial assistance, especially to nurses with limited reimbursement from their employer.


Our RN to BS degree in nursing program enjoys an excellent reputation in the community and has been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the accrediting body of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

  • EMU Lancaster prepares students to serve and lead in a global context.
  • Peacebuilding, sustainability, experiential learning and cross-cultural engagement are core values of EMU which serves students of diverse religious and
    cultural backgrounds.


Every student at EMU Lancaster receives personal coaching and enjoys the friendship and camaraderie with their cohort of about 20 nurses.

  • Your ability to write and think critically about issues that impact your work and life will improve.
  • Your final evidence-based practice project will focus on an issue from your work experience, and may even alter future policies.
  • You can change the world!
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