Traditional Track—Curriculum Requirements

Students must successfully complete both the EMU core curriculum and the nursing major curriculum to earn their degree. Listed below are the curriculum requirements for our Traditional Track, which is intended for nurses with at least one year of experience. Please see the course catalog for course descriptions and more information.

EMU Core Curriculum Requirements
The EMU core curriculum requirements are satisfied by a combination of prior coursework, coursework included within the nursing program, and (if needed) coursework taken in addition to the nursing program. Although the EMU core curriculum may be completed at any time during the nursing program, it is recommended that it be started before the nursing program begins and completed before the start of the second term.

Core Requirements Satisfied by Nursing Program
Traditional Track
Christian Faith
Biblical Perspectives (3 SH)
College Writing (3 SH)
Speech (3 SH)
Statistics (3 SH)
Writing Intensive Designates (2 courses)
Cross-Cultural Learning
Cross-Cultural Designates (6 SH)
Critical Thinking
Health Assessment (3 SH)
Human Organism Sciences (11 SH)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 SH)
Fine Arts (3 SH)
History or Literature (3 SH)
Senior Seminar (3 SH)

• 3 SH satisfied by the nursing program; students must complete an additional 3 SH of cross-cultural learning

EMU RN to BS in Nursing Major Course Requirements
NRS 330 Nurses as Adult Learners
NRS 340 Professional Nurse: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
NRS 345 Health Assessment
NRS 350 Health Care Policy
NRS 405 Nursing Research
NRS 410 Community Health
NRS 420 Principles of Nursing Management and Supervision
NRS 430 Evidence-Based Practice Project
NRS 460 Family Health

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